I frequently visit Amritsar as it is my hometown. I work in Delhi and whenever I get a holiday or long weekend, I visit Amritsar. I like spending time in the city, it gives me peace and happiness. I love open spaces of my town. Paddy fields and mustered flowers catch my attention and give me enjoyment. It has been over 6 months since I have gone to my hometown. I had spend quality time there in the last winter.

I remember my last visit vividly. It was October and winter was in full swing. I was feeling homesick for several weeks, but could not manage leaves from office. I was really pissed up due to strict policies of the management and one day I revolted. I availed Delhi to Amritsar Bus Ticket Booking service, packed my bag and headed to catch the bus.

I bunked office To Visit Amritsar

I didn’t like myself to get disturbed with office calls so I left my mobile at my home in Delhi. I knew that there would be dozens of missed calls when I would get it back. But I didn’t care, sometimes you have to break the worldly shackles to enjoy your life. I boarded the bus from Akshardham and on my way to Amritsar, I saw the office of Stonehenge E-Commerce Private Limited in India. It was the company behind the success of runBus. It had employed best technology and resources to create a famous online travel portal. The portal provides free online bus ticket book services and offers discount. I myself availed a 10% discount from the company.

 Any way after a long journey I 14 hours, I landed to my hometown and met with my family. It was a surprise visit and everyone was moved with my visit.


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